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XPN Casein-X

  • 26g Protein
  • 0g Sugar
  • Tasty chocolate flavor

AED 150.00


Casein is the solid byproduct of cheese production which contains 60% more protein than whey. It also contains higher levels of calcium compared to whey (by a ratio of 6:1).

Higher calcium levels aid in the smooth regulation of muscle contraction – which in turn builds your muscles.

Casein is perfectly suited for nighttime doses since your body absorbs it slower than whey. The casein amino acid levels remain elevated in your blood for about four hours…

According to Healthline “casein forms curds. Once exposed to the acids in your stomach, these curds lengthen your body’s digestion and absorption processes.”

Casein releases its amino acids to you in tads, which makes it the perfect protein to take before going to bed.

Think of it this way… after you’ve had your post-workout dose of whey protein in the day, — which promotes lean muscle mass, strength, and builds muscle tissue — a delicious serving of Casein-X takes care of your immune and digestive health.

Oh and, did I mention that milk makes your casein protein shakes thicker and creamier?

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