Battery Nutrition BCAA is ideal to prevent the catabolic state arising in circumstances such as intensive training or a fasted state – and in parallel is the perfect solution to enhance your body’s recovery and kickstart anabolic state.

Battery Nutrition BCAA delivers the essential BCAA-s to you in a micronized form for faster absorbtion!

Battery Nutrition BCAA-s come in two great flavors, Orange and Cola that are both carbohydrate and sugar free, along with an unflavored version.

During an intense workout, muscle fibers are broken down and cortisol levels increase.

This may be a natural process, although it results in less than optimal results. To counter catabolism, consuming food rich in BCAA is the key – and Battery Nutrition BCAA-s in micronized form is the ultimate choice to achieve this.

The supplementation of highly anabolic Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine is known to prevent this detrimental state during exercise and fasting, and kick-starts anabolism and muscle growth after exercise.

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Green Apple, Kiwi, Orange, PEAR, Pineapple, RASPBERRY, Unflavored


500 g


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