Those who frequent the gym consume some portions of glutamine either from their diet or via supplements. It’s pivotal to normal body functions and operations. Glutamine is solely responsible for the supply of amino acids and glucose. Amino acids are the second most abundant compounds in our bodies. They are needed for the production of useful enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters. A healthy supply of glucose ensures you NEVER run low on energy. This is a game-changer for all gym enthusiasts. 


Glutamine also helps quicken muscle recovery after intense exercise. In times of stress, your body needs larger portions of glutamine due to depletion. Glutamine replenishes you by drawing water and salt into your muscle cells via an osmotic process to keep them hydrated and denser. It repairs muscle tissues and reduces soreness. Research has shown that glutamine supports protein synthesis — creating more protein and amino acids for maximum gym support. Glutamine provides a positive nitrogen balance which creates a conducive ‘anabolic environment’ that allows your body to build new muscle and recover from strenuous exercise. 


Uses of Glutamine:


  • Stimulates production of growth hormones 
  • Repairs torn muscles and prevent further muscle damage
  • Serves as a fuel source for your immune cells 
  • Promotes optimal gastrointestinal health

Cola, Orange, Unflavored


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Battery Glutamine Unflavoured 500g Battery Glutamine

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