Add 4 tablespoons (approx. 40g) of Protein 7 Blend 50 to 180ml of water, or according to the desired consistency, and consume once a day or as directed by a specialized professional. Its consumption must be associated with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits. PROTEIN BLEND Currently, the dietary supplement market has a multitude of options for protein sources. Among them, we have proteins in the form of a “blend”, which means a mixture of different sources of proteins in the same product. This characteristic offers differentiated absorption when compared to isolated proteins. This is because the “blends” have whey protein in their composition, protein isolated from whey, albumin, casein and some have soy protein. As it presents this “mixture” of different proteins, its absorption is slower when compared to that of the isolated protein, in addition to having the benefit of supporting the concentration of amino acids for a longer time. The prolonged absorption of protein blends can prolong the time that amino acids are available in the blood, increasing the demand for the muscles and prolonging the activity of protein synthesis for a longer time, having an optimal result of muscle recovery, and, consequently, muscle gain

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