USN 3XT Pre-workout Max Energy


30 Servings


Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Green Apple, Mango Pineapple


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USN men's performance and vitality stack USN Men’s Performance and Vita...

188.10 AED

USN Testo GH Hardcore

USN Testo GH Hardcore is an all-around male formulation like no other. It works to supercharge your testosterone levels, support your metabolism, aid muscle recovery and keep your nervous system functioning optimally. It houses some of the best natural compounds from horny goat weed and pumpkin seed extract to the formidable ZMA+ -- all of which are proven to induce peak performance in males. 


  • Contains ZMA+ 
  • 100 mg Horny Goat Weed
  • 500 mg Pumpkin Seed Extract 
  • Sugar-FREE 
  • 300 mg Tribulus Terrestris Extract
94.05 AED

USN 3XT Pre-workout Max Energy

USN combines a formidable group of caffeine and other potent tree extracts to get you 'in the mood' to work ounces of fat off and stack up on your lean muscle mass. Together, the active ingredients provide you with mental focus & clarity, brute strength and raw power to smash your fitness goals. 

  • 400mg Caffeine
  • Tri-Yohimbe complex
  • 60 mg TeaCrine
  • Betaine for improved blood flow