USN Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000


220 Caps, 90 Caps


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usn wellness stack USN Wellness Stack

142.20 AED

USN Vibrance Multi-Vitamin

Replenish your body with rich essential vitamins it may be running low on. USN's Vibrance Multivitamin ensures you have an all-round supply of all the basic vitamins your body needs for demanding day to day activities and optimal functionality. It is perfectly suited for athletes, bodybuilders, and everyone who wants to enrich their body with an array of vitamins that give you round-the-clock immunity, replenish your skin tissues, boost energy and mood, and improve your metabolism -- all available in one cost-effective formula. 


USN's Vibrance Multivitamin contains a rich supply of essential vitamins like vitamin A for better eyesight, vitamin E to give you a smoother, more radiant skin, vitamin B-12 to stimulate nerve function, and folate to support immune function, boost energy production, and elevate mood. 

Directions for Use

Take two micro-sized pills daily and start enjoying a better lifestyle.

80.10 AED

USN Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000

The EPA/DHA combo in fish oils has been shown in several studies to play a role in brain, heart & immune health. 


  • Natural Triglyceride Form - the form naturally found in fish that enhances fast absorption. 
  • 1000mg Omega-3 Fish Oil concentrate
  • OMEGA-3 IN ITS PUREST FORM - We ensure the utmost purity of our fish oils by collecting it right from the source - wild-caught, fatty omega-3-rich fishes. 
  • Utra Convenience - this isn't one of those fish oil supplements that require you to choke down horse pills  3 times a day. A single serving daily is more than enough for best results. 
  • Mini-size pills for easy swallowing
  • No fishy smell or aftertaste
  • No Burps/Belches 
  • ZERO Trans Fat -- Trans Fat is the stuff that increases your risk of heart disease. 
  • BACKED BY A REPUTABLE AGELONG BRAND -- USN has been one of the leading and most trusted supplement brands globally for over 20 years. All our products have been clinically researched, licensed and undergo third party testing.
  • INCREASED SERVING FOR LOWER COST -- Other fish oil brands offer a 'reserved' 120 serving per bottle. 

Our premium Omega-3 oil offers a much more affordable 220 servings per bottle.

62.10 AED