All the vitamins and minerals you need in 1 capsule. Battery VIT&MIN contains extracts from different vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs that provide the whole range of vitamins and minerals. Battery VIT&MIN is tailor-designed for the physically active and is made for the organised man-on-the-go who needs his dose.

Physically active individuals consume more vitamins and minerals. This results in potentially dangerous deficiencies, manifested by a weakened immune system, poor stamina and low motivation. Ignoring these symptoms can progress to a more serious conditions: impaired performance, enervation, a slower metabolism.

In a randomised double-blind study, the correlation between physical activity, zinc deficiency and muscular strength were cast in a critical light. A 27 player-strong American football team, each member was found to have moderate or severe zinc deficiency in the study’s initial phase. To measure the results of this deficiency on performance and strength, the team was divided into two groups, with one receiving an actual zinc supplements and the other, a placebo. Toward the end of the experiment, the group that had received zinc supplements had a mean increase of 18.2% in strength. The same could not be said for the placebo group. The study clearly illustrates the risks associated with vitamin deficiency and how this can seriously hamper performance. The study also demonstrates the increased risk of vitamin deficiency in the physically active. In today’s society it is simply impossible to get 100% of the daily recommended intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This despite a conscious effort to eat healthy food in variety and with a high proportion of fruits and vegetables.

Even the most compulsive checkers of nutrient values may have trouble getting the amounts they need. In a recent study, it was found that some oranges simply did not have their vaunted levels of vitamin C. Those eating fruits may think they are getting the widest possible range of nutrients available, when in fact they are ingesting empty calories. The blame falls squarely upon pesticides, soils depleted of their nutrients and pre-mature harvesting. Is the solution then to pop any over-the-counter multi-vitamin? Many multi-vitamins in the market today are developed without penetrative knowledge of the human body, its hidden functions, its changing needs. Some food supplements simply lack that delicate balance of vitamins and minerals and nutrients that the human body needs.

Battery VIT&MIN is developed with the specific goal of providing you with the nutrients you need for optimum performance. No need to overcompensate. No need to overdose. No need to guess values.


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