There’s a reason A-Level Gym Rats combine daily workout with Whey Protein Isolates – because they know it’s what cements firm, lean muscle mass growth!

Whey Protein Isolates contain the very building blocks of protein – Block Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Which are basically a host of essential amino acids like Lucein (absolute growth enhancer) meant to give you all-round boost in muscle growth, enhance strength and may even help burn down some fat by increasing the amount of calories you expend a day. 

But there are many Whey Protein Isolates on the market, so why ISOPRO?

Single-Source Non-Combined Whey Protein Powder 

You know the trend with most WPIs out there? They combine several protein blends like rice protein, pea protein, and the rest, majorly to cut costs. 

But this has several red flags like Food Allergies and intolerances, weird mouthfeel (due to several flavors from different proteins), decreasing unique protein functions…

No thanks!

ISOPRO’S single-source WPI offers a clean, fast-absorbing, supreme protein powder that’ll max out your lean muscle mass. 

Rapid Protein Uptake

As soon as you take a single scoop of ISOPRO, it goes to work for you at breakneck speed. Your protein levels spike up to support intense muscle shaping and development. 

Your toned muscles and ripped abs draw nearer with each daily serving of ISOPRO.

 More is always Better! 

We believe you shouldn’t have to keep running low on Whey protein, that’s why ISOPRO features a rare 60 Total Serving per container! 

And also comes in three unique flavors that are to die for: Chocolate, Vanilla and WheyTella.


Chocolate, Vanilla, WheyTella


1.65 lb, 4 LB


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