This special formula promotes nitrogen retention which synthesizes lean muscle growth. It contains NO lactose, NO carbohydrate and NO fat. With the complete spectrum of the amino acid profile, high BCAAs count and bioavailability, ISO XTREM extends a welcoming hand to both gym enthusiasts and those who seek a healthier lifestyle through an improvement in their nutrition. 


A delicious serving of ISO XTREM can be taken first thing in the morning for the extra protein boost, post-workout to revitalize and nourish your muscles, or whenever you need the mouth-watering taste of highly nutritious protein. Take 1-3 scoops daily. Mix with 16 oz of a glass containing your favorite beverage.


Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla


2 Kg


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XPN Iso Xtrem Classic Series Chocolate 2 Kg XPN Iso Xtrem Classic Series

300.00 AED

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