Cross-Flow Microfiltration Process

New Zealand whey uses a cross-flow microfiltration process that ensures the complete removal of all fat, without denaturing the protein (a process that makes proteins insoluble in water) or damaging the nutrients with excess heat. 


Grass-Fed and Free Range

Fat dairy New Zealand cows from which whey protein is extracted are fed rich grass. The grasses are 100% FREE from pesticides. They are left to wander and take in the vast, natural range of nutrients in pastures across New Zealand, as opposed to grain-fed cows in other countries. Grain-fed cows are not just malnourished, but also accumulate bacteria and toxins in their digestive tracts.  


Absence of Antibiotics or Hormones

New Zealand cows are not injected with any form of hormones or antibiotics. Most dairy industries in other parts of the world inject their cows with harmful hormones and antibiotics to fatten them and maximize profit. Not New Zealand dairy industries. There, the cows are all fat and healthy from EATING HEALTHY – not the use of drugs.



Take 1-3 scoops daily. Mix in a glass of milk, water or juice and enjoy the delicious natural flavor.



Chocolate, Vanilla




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