If you’re a coach, trainer, athlete or just someone who frequents the gym, then you know how important protein is to your body. Proteins don’t just give you lean muscle mass and build muscle tissues that help keep you as fit as a fiddle, they also keep your immune health optimal by secreting immunoglobulins – produced by the white blood cells –  which neutralize viruses and bacteria long before they can inflict any damage. 

Since you lose a substantial amount of sodium during a workout, Whey-X contains a generous — doctor recommended — supply (108mg) to help regulate nerve function, muscle contraction, blood volume and levels of bodily fluids. Research has consistently shown that an optimal level of fluid in the body helps lubricate joints, preserve digestive system functions and keep your skin healthy. 

A balanced sodium/water ratio in your bloodstream can help prevent those annoying muscle cramps and headaches that get in the way of a productive workout session. 

Whey-X is also your go-to energy reserve. When you’re hitting the peak of a workout, it’s normal to fall short due to a lack of energy to keep going. Well, people who use Whey-X don’t know that –because they’re always running on pure energy, thanks to the added maltodextrin. 

This unique protein supplement also spots a healthy 1.5g of fat (with ZERO Trans fat) which makes for easy absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, acts as an energy bank, and may help keep your cholesterol under control. 

WARNING: Because Whey-X uses the Concentrate form of whey, you might want to check with your doctor or health practitioner before using, if you have lactose intolerance, are a breastfeeding mother or are pregnant.


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